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  Qingzhou Milky Way machinery manufacturing co., LTD(The original qingzhou qinghe machinery factory),In many varieties、The development of high quality liquid filling equipment、Manufacturing、Sales and maintenance services,Over the years, successively with companies and manufacturers all over the cooperation,And continuous improvement in the cooperation,To provide customers with excellent products。And with its excellent quality and performance、Perfect after-sales service,Was praised by the majority of users。

  According to the characteristics of the Chinese liquor enterprises improved epigenetic output to meet the needs of Chinese enterprisesGZDHigh precision filling machine series,High precision、Speed is fast、Stable performance,Our company developed new type of high precision mechanical filling valve,The quantitative accuracy,Easy to adjust,Our products are very popular masses of liquid production。

  As companies continue to grow stronger,According to the characteristics of liquor enterprise in China,Developed electric light intelligent induction automatic quantitative filling machine and a series of innovative products。

  Qingzhou Milky Way machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Based on the development trend of filling equipment manufacturing industry and understanding,In line with“Energetic probity、Pure artistry、Products to do best、Enterprise”The enterprise concept,Has always been adhering to the“Good faith for this、Innovation to forge ahead”Attitude,Relying on excellent production technology and equipment and rich experience in management,Developed to stimulate the market demand、To market demand to drive the long-term development of the enterprise,Efforts to provide customers with superior equipment,At any time to provide thoughtful services。

  The chairman chang-he wang welcome friends from all walks of life to visit guidance,Win-win cooperation and seek common development。


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    Pure water equipment

The dynamic of the industry


The application scope of different filling machine

The classification of the filling machine is all over,Filling machine filling rate soon,Obedience is very high。Filling machine can be funded enterprise faster finish production compliance。 Liquid filling filling machine according to the principle can be divided into normal pressure filling machine、 Pressure filling machine and vacuum filling machine。


How to correctly use liquid filling machine

1.Check before use:Whether there is sundry on the conveyor belt,Open the speed reducer of the cap,Put through power supply,Test run the machine,Ensure operation in the right direction,Ensure that the pressure of compressed air,Check the motor、Bearing such as whether to need to add lubricating oil,It is forbidden to oil-free operation,Normal rear can start the machine,At the same time observation for loose parts fasteners,For each part is in stable condition after the operation,Can normal use。


Filling machine installation considerations

1、Dull when unpacking the case,Begin to raid random skills data integrity,Inflexible whether damage in transport,In order to real time。  2、Will feed components and discharging components according to the define the shape of the book icon placement and modulation。


Improper operation will bring how filling machine?

These days,Either a manufacturing industry,To deal with the filling machine use are not silent。The improvement of the filling machine in active and intelligent skills after the encounter,Filling machine in a place like the position in the industry have a significant promotion。




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